What about us?

Wattson is a multimedia incubator, an audiovisual production tool suitable for all your needs. Our craft is the passion of images and sound production.

The changing media landscape and the importance of the video, the convergence of traditional media, the peak of the Internet and new media, the public's renewed interest in new content, not forgetting a passionate interest in news concepts development and audiovisual creation: that's why we created Wattson.

Built on a network of skills combining the design of formats, casting, music creation, directing, production, post-production of audiovisual works, and also making available the necessary tools, Wattson supports you on all levels of the development of your ideas and puts its expertise and resources at your service.


It is always around its core business, broadcasting, that wattson evolves. However, we dissociate our activities into three distinct service centers.

Executive production

Wattson handles the line production: according to your requirements and by using our skills, we know how to implement your projects.


Otherwise, Wattson is also a multimedia springboard for somebody, for the development of independent projects and the creation of artistic ideas. Wattson produces its own projects.

Workstations and tools

Finally, we offer the possibility to rent useful tools to support the creation and production of audiovisual projects: editing workstations, recording studio, graphic workstations and motion design, filming equipment…

Our approach : the STORYTELLING

Every work – every movie – build itself with a beginning, a middle and an end. It is with this trivial approach that we have developed our workflow.

We are very committed in writing and to the contents' conceptualization.

We lead a real thinking around the question: "How to make this movie?". Our culture is based on the way to "tell a story", to keep a methodological thread, to create content in a constructive, narrative and creative way.

Clients & partners

Distributors, advertisers, agencies, production companies or also logistics, here are some references. They have trusted us:

What's up?

Combining knowledge and expertise, wattson's team combine varied skills and complementary know-how. By a human network of collaborators who comes from different backgrounds (directors, editors, sound engineers, graphic designers, D.P.P, actors…), Wattson succeeds in doing its projects.

Wattson, it's also an strong and effective in-house team.

Julien Vicaire


Jonathan Murcia

Line producer

Cécile Monteillet

Production manager