"Lost souls"

"Lost souls"

A short film written and directed by Fabrice Pierre

Dean Christie
Sophie Delora Jones
Michael Twaits
David Whiting
Bruno Henry
Anastasia Robin
Katy Poulter
Anlina Rana
Sienna Child
Farris Mohammed
Adam Hunter
Luke Gardner
Noémi Kovács

Producers: Julien Vicaire, Adam Hunter et Fabrice Pierre
Executive producers: Majed Aljonaid, Simon Hayot et Pierre Noirtin

Film crew:
Production manager: Anlina Rana
Director of photography: Antoine Marteau
First assistant director: Adam Hunter
First camera assistant: David Reinhard
Key grip: François Perrault
Script supervisor: Paola Imbimbo
Sound engineer: Taz Fairbanks
Electrician: Kyle Richards
Props: Connor Gosling
Make-up: Victoria Quilliam
Film set photographers: Connor Wood and Luke gardner
Runner: James Cooley
Driver: Prince Ritchie

Camera, lenses and equipment makers:
Light & camera: Digital constellation
Insurance: Performance film & Media insurance
Low loader car travelling rig: Winner trailers
Taxi rental: A&S Services

Editor: Cathy Chevalier
Assistant editor: Marine Ligouzat
Postproduction managers: Jonathan Murcia and Alexandre de Boursac
Colorist: Pierre Sudre
Sound editors: Vincent Van Driesten
Recorder: Fabrice Sauré
Auditorium: Digital Factory

Music: Jonathan Murcia et Giuseppe Alfano

Additional music:
Sixth Sky - “In my mind”
Jonathan Murcia / Jonathan Murcia
Publishing: wattson - (P) & (C) 2016 wattson

WTNS - “Fences (On my road)”
Jérémy Carol / Jérémy Carol - Jonathan Murcia
Publishing: wattson - (P) & (C) 2014 wattson

NAO - “In the morning”
Joshua / Calvert
Publishing: kobalt / Droits réservés

Produced by Run Around and Wattson