"Par tous les seins"

"Par tous les seins"

written and directed by Caroline Le Moing

Casting: Sandrine l’Ara, Dany Verissimo, Sylvie Vigny, Isabelle, Diane
with the voices of Josiane Balasko, Zabou Breitman, Stéfi Celma, Julie Depardieu, Caterina Murino

First assistant director: Olivia Delplace
Second assistant director: Roxane Pronier
Script supervisor: Pascaline Vion

Director of photography: Malory Congoste
First camera assistant: Sonia Bisch
Second camera assistant: Aurélie Ganachaud
Key Light: Sophie Lelou
Lighting and grip crew: Mariore Manneville & Manon Corone
Sound engineer: Mélanie Moreira
Location manager: Lorette Delva
Make-up master: Clarisse Dominé
Make-up assistant: Amélie Javegny
Costume master: Pauline Bataille
Set designer master: Anaïs Valembois

Sound technical means: Sur Écoute
Camera and electricity technical means: TSF
Vehicle rental: TSF

Postproduction: Wattson Production, Julien Vicaire & Jonathan Murcia
Editor master: Cathy Chevalier
Special effects operator: Alexandre de Boursac
Colorist: Julien Bru
Sound engineer: Cédric Denooz, Matthieu Noé, Matthieu Tibi, David Cailleux, Marine Pigeons

Original soundtrack: Philippe Kelly
Theme music: Lilly Wood and The Prick - "A Time Is Near"
Lyrics and music by Nili Hadida and Benjamin Cotto
Arrangements of Pierre Guimard
(C) 2009 Warner Chappell Music France and Choke Music with the authorisation of Warner Chappell Music France
(P) 2010 Choke Industry under exclusive license to Cinq 7 / Wagram Music

Produced by:
White Panama Films (Ryme Wehbi & Magali Potier)
Nain Jaune Production

In coproduction with Wattson Production (Julien Vicaire)

In partnership with the Foundation Mimi Ullens